The Fair Bakery

The Fair Bakery, based in Rochester, Ind., sells baked goods and raw honey. It specializes in sourdough and European-style breads. It also offer hot chili, other soups, brats from Burlington Meats, and hamburgers from Earthcure Farms, depending on the weather.

Its goal is to make high quality products that are healthy, fresh and tasty, without preservatives and additives.

The Fair Bakery uses all organic and/or natural ingredients, like certified chemical-free wheat, organic raw cane sugar, olive oil, butter, and sea salt.

The Fair Bakery grinds its own wheat and grains the ensure absolute freshness and maximum health benefits in its products. Its sourdoughs are made from its own starter, and are done the old fashioned way without yeast. It takes 2-3 days to make a sourdough loaf. A number of other breads are made with a fermented starter, which takes 24 hours to make — giving the bread a distinct flavor and texture. Because it uses mainly whole grains, it produces softer bread. Everything by The Fair Bakery is made from scratch in a certified kitchen with local products when possible.

The Fair Baker specializes in European-style breads and American sourdough or yeast breads. None of its baked goods have white sugar, hydrogenated oils or canned fruit. They are mostly whole-wheat.

The Fair Bakery also specializes in real fruit pies, with whole-wheat crust and raw sugar available with organic or non- organic fruit. We co-garden at Earthcure Farm, so most of the produce and fruit used is organic, local and processed at the bakery.

The bakery raises its own bees and spins the pure raw honey in house. The hives are placed on an organic farm. It also has homemade soap with organic tallow and without preservatives, chemicals or parabens. Homemade soap is a lot gentler on the skin. Unlike factory-made soap, the glycerin, formed during the soap-making process, stays in the soap. Glycerin is a natural emollient, and locks the moisture in the skin.

All breads are 1 ½ lbs. and cost $5 each.

  • Whole wheat bread: A nice all-round sandwich bread.
  • Tweety bread: The ultimate multigrain bread. We appreciate Jo-Ellen for giving us her famous recipe! 
  • Cheddar cheese bread: A whole wheat bread, with a cup of cheese in each loaf!
  • Maple oat bread: A nice chewy bread, with cracked oats, lightly sweet.
  • Applesauce raisin bread: A nice and somehow chewy, lightly sweet bread. Is excellent toasted!
  • Braided sweet bread: a lightly sweet bread, resembles Hawaiian bread.
  • Ciabatta: A classic Italian flat bread, ideal to make open faced sandwiches or garlic bread.
  • German sourdough Rye bread: A chewy sourdough bread, with soaked rye berries mixed into the dough. Has a medium rye taste.
  • French country bread: A pure sourdough bread, like the San Francisco one, has more whole wheat in it.
  • Nutty pure sourdough bread: A pure sourdough bread with sunflower-and pumpkin seeds.

Baked goods

  • Tart cherry pie ($9)
  • Very berry pie — made with 4 different berries ($9)
  • Almond pear pie — made with a filling of ground almonds, butter, sugar, topped with pears ($10)
  • Seasonal: Rhubarb pie, Rhubarb strawberry pie, Apple pie, Banana nut bread, Pumpkin bread, Grandpa’s lemon cake, Rhubarb bread, Zucchini bread ($4)


  • Coconut pecan bars
  • windmill cookies
  • Meringue coconut cookies
  • Sourdough waffles
  • Granola
  • Granola bars

Whole wheat noodles, organic or conventional. All made with farm-fresh eggs and chemical free whole wheat. The bakery currently is developing new gourmet noodle recipes with different herbs and spices.

  • Whole-wheat noodles: ½ lb. ($3)
  • Whole-wheat spinach garlic noodles:  ½ lb. ($4.50)
  • Organic whole-wheat noodles:  ½ lb. ($4)

All jams come in ½ pint jars and are $4.

  • Tart cherry Jam
  • Mixed berry Jam
  • Organic blueberry jam
  • Strawberry jam (seasonal)
  • Fruit butters (seasonal)

Only available in season in pints or quarts.

Homemade soap made with either tallow from grass-fed cows or vegetables. More varieties to come!

  • Pure Vegetable soap
  • Vanilla
  • Honey milk
  • Lavender sage
  • Tallow soaps (Tallow-olive oil- coconut oil)
  • Lavender
  • Lavender-lemon Rosemary
  • Sandalwood
  • Peppermint

Babs and Marty Fair
(574) 223-8957