2022 General Policies and Operating Procedures

The Kokomo Downtown Farmers’ Market (KDFM) and Makers’ Art Market (MAM) are overseen by a board of directors to provide the markets for the community to enjoy the wares of the participating vendors. The board of directors has adopted the following rules and regulations and at any time, it may amend, delete, or modify its policies, rules, and regulations. To promote the market to the community, all participants in the KDFM and MAM will behave towards market customers, board, staff, and volunteers in a professional manner that fosters a sense of market community, camaraderie, and a spirit of cooperative involvement. Vendors will be required to sell their products at the KDFM at a fair market price. The markets are intended to showcase locally grown and homemade products.

1. Time and place
*KDFM runs 9:00am – 1:00pm each Saturday beginning May 7.
*MAM runs from 9:00 – 1:00 every second Saturday.
*The market is located in the city parking lot at Mulberry and Washington Streets in downtown Kokomo, Indiana.
*On Saturdays, all vendors should be ready for business by 9:00am. Tear down should not start until 1:00pm.
*All vendors MUST BE checked in 30 minutes before market start time at the latest.
*Daily vendors who pay weekly should do so at the end of the market day. *Vendors have one hour for set up and one hour for tear down, unless prior arrangements have been made.
*Once days have been committed to no-shows are not excused, except in the case of an emergency. Please contact the market master as soon as possible to explain any unplanned absence.
*All vendors have one unexcused absence given up to 72 hours prior to market opening. More than one will result in the vendor being charged $15 for each missed market. Please call 765- 210-8235 or e-mail info@kokomofarmersmarket.com immediately if you cannot attend for any reason.
*The market is cancelled only by the market master. On your application, please specify the best way to contact you in case of market delay or cancellation. Strong wind, lightening, or a weather warning affecting the market location are possible causes for cancellation.
*The market is open rain or shine and vendors may not leave until 1pm unless given permission due to illness, emergency, or hazardous weather conditions.

2. Makers’ Art Market
The Makers’ Art Market will be held on the second Saturday of each month, beginning on May 8. During the remaining weeks of each month, we will hold open 25% of our vendor spaces for makers who are interested in participating in the market more regularly. This allows us to maintain our status as a true farmers’ market with a ratio of 75% food and farm items : 25% handmade items. The assignment of maker vendor spaces will be on a first come, first serve basis with those vendors in good standing who have participated in the past, those who submitted their applications by the due date, and those who are willing to pay ahead and commit to attending, getting their first choice of dates. These are highly sought-after spots; if you are interested in one of them, please get your application materials submitted as soon as possible.

3. Annual membership dues, weekly vendor fees, application
There will be annual membership dues of $35 to be paid before the first day of participation in the market. MEMBERSHIP IS MANDATORY TO SELL AT THE FARMER’S MARKET AND THE MAKERS’ ART MARKET. The membership fee is non-refundable. This fee also allows vendors to participate in Strawberry Festival, a well-attended day-long event.

2022 Vendor Fee Schedule
Single Market Days–$22 (referred to as Daily Vendors)
Package of 6 Market Days–$100
Package of 11 Market Days–$190 Includes 1 FREE day for a total of 12 participation days
Package of 16 Market Days–$255 Includes 1 FREE day for a total of 17 participation days
Package of 21 Market Days–$300 Includes 2 FREE days for a total of 23 participation days

Those vendors requiring a second space will pay half price for the additional space. No more than two spaces will be occupied by one vendor. All checks should be made to Kokomo Downtown Farmers Market or KDFM. We do not charge any fees to musicians, demonstrators or speakers. Daily vendors are still required to commit to specific dates before their first market day. The only exception will be vendors who grow vegetables or plants as a majority of their products. They are able to set market dates a month in advance. We ask for advance commitment to dates to help assist us with planning for space, marketing, filling the market each week with activities and themes, and to ensure our 75% food and farm products : 25% craft ratio.

*A completed application MUST be turned in before a vendor is considered for the 2022 season.
*Incomplete applications will not be accepted.
*Seasonal vendor fees are nonrefundable.
*If a vendor is behind in payment for three or more market days, token reimbursement will be retained as payment for participation dates.

4. What can be sold?
*The following is an example of the types of goods may be sold at the market: local produce; baked goods; meats; eggs; jellies, preserves, jams, and butters; prepared foods; potted, fresh-cut and dried flowers; potpourri; fresh and dried herbs, as well as products using natural herb extracts; bedding and foliage plants; trees and bushes; honey; flour and ground grains.
*Handmade items such as artwork, jewelry, crafts, soap, candles and pottery are also permitted.
*All items must be locally grown or locally handmade. Local is defined as within 50 miles of Howard County.
*For processed foods, if you have any questions about licensed facilities or other requirements, please call the Howard County Health Department. The Howard County Health Department is the ruling body on food processing and selling requirements at the Kokomo Downtown Farmers’ Market. Their phone number is 765-456-2437. If a vendor does any sampling of processed or non-processed items from their booth, all Health Department rules and regulations apply. The sale of food items requires proper labeling, which must contain: product name, preparation site, ingredients, net weight and price. If selling goods by weight, the producer must have a legal produce scale, which is subject to inspection by the County Department of Weights and Measures. Egg sellers must maintain an egg license from the Indiana State Egg Board.

5. Who can sell?
The market board of directors reserves the right to deny access to the market for any reason that detracts from the intent of the market atmosphere. Additionally, the board reserves the right to limit how many vendors will be allowed to sell the same type of product. A waiting list may be made to accommodate an overabundance of specific products.

*Only vendors living in Indiana will be considered, and a local vendor with local product will have precedence over others who are located farther away.
*The KDFM will maintain a 75% food/farm products to 25% crafts and art ratio in efforts to maintain a true farmers market.

*To be considered a food vendor a majority of products must be food-related. MAM vendors cannot sell food items.
*Only one business per stall is allowed. A group of businesses may not join forces in one tent for profit unless volunteering or doing demonstrations for community involvement.
*With permission from the KDFM Board of Directors, vendors may co-op products with local producers who do not attend our market as long as there is no one at our market producing the product in question. For instance, if a KDFM vendor knows a cheese maker from another local market who would like to sell at our market but cannot get here each week, the KDFM vendor can bring and sell that vendor’s cheese at our market as long as the cheese is locally made and there is no other vendor trying to sell their own cheese. If another vendor is later approved to sell their own cheese at our market, the previous vendor must stop trying to sell the cheese from the producer who does not attend our market.

*No vendor may sell only items from other growers or producers; these items must be in addition to a vendor’s own products.
*No vendor shall co-op more than 25% of the items they sell at market each day.
*All co-op items must be approved by the market master before a vendor offers them for sale.

6. Booth Set Up
*Vendors may arrive at 8:00 am on Saturdays. If an earlier time is needed, please check with the market master to make arrangements.
*Sales should not start until 9:00am.
*All vehicles must be removed from area by 8:30 am, unless the vendor has made a prearranged agreement to sell from their vehicle. We ask that each vendor be considerate, and unload their vehicle quickly, and then park it. *ALL VENDORS ARE REQUIRED TO BE CHECKED IN BY 8:30AM TO ENSURE A PROFESSIONAL OPENING TIME AND TO ALLOW FOR ANY NECESSARY LOT ADJUSTMENTS TO HAPPEN.
*All participants who have submitted an email address will receive a weekly lot set up email from the market master. The email will show each vendor’s assigned space and include any special information for the week. Please read these emails to stay in the loop.
*Every effort is made to provide the same booth space for each vendor every week. Those vendors that commit to being at the market every week or nearly every week, should be able to stay in the same space all season barring anything unforeseen. Those vendors who participate more periodically are sometimes able to maintain the same space, but should expect to be moved around a little bit.

7. Tear Down
*Vendors should not begin tear down until close of the market.
*Tearing down your tent any sooner must be approved by the market master. This rule will be enforced to ensure a professional marketplace. *When entering and leaving the market, please be considerate of pedestrians and your fellow vendors.

8. Vendor booths
*Booths are assigned ahead of time and are approximately 12’ x 12’. We recommend a 10’x10’ tent for the space. If the vendor exceeds past the 12’ x 12’ area, he/she will be charged accordingly. The front legs of vendor tents should be on the ends of the parking lines, they should not stick out or be recessed.
*No stakes, poles, signs etc. will be permitted to be adhered to the ground or the exterior of any building; these items should only adhere to vendor equipment.
*All vendors are required to have a tent or umbrella for their booth. Any other forms of displays must be approved by market master.
*All regular trash must be put inside a designated trash container. Market Master hauls all trash away after the end of the day, so please be considerate by breaking down any boxes and refraining from throwing away liquids.
*No dumping of chemicals, hay/straw, ashes, grease or foreign items is allowed on the property.

9. Weekly Give Away Drawing
Each week, we provide our patrons with a chance to win an amazing basket of donated items from our generous vendors. Participation is not required, but it is encouraged. The giveaway basket is a great way to get your products into the hands of a customer who might not otherwise have made a purchase from you, and all donations are tax deductible. To win the basket, a patron must simply purchase produce from any vendor. The vendor should then provide a drawing ticket (supplied by Market Master). The patron will write his or her name and phone number on the ticket and place it in a provided basket or cup or at the Market Tent. Market staff or a volunteer will make rounds between 12:30 and 12:45 to collect tickets and vendors donations. Afterwards, a winner will be chosen.

10. Anonymous Sales Reporting
In order to track success of marketing campaigns, to ensure sales levels are maintained or increasing throughout the market season and from year to year, and to collect data that will allow the KDFM to apply for grant opportunities, we will be collecting anonymous sales data at each market this season. Close to the end of each market day, the market master or a market volunteer or intern will pass out slips of paper for you to report your estimated sales for the day. You do not need to add your name or your business name to this paper unless you would like to for some reason.

11. Credit Card Sales
Among the perks of membership and participation in the KDFM is the ability to accept credit and debit card payments without having your own card reader and without having to pay transaction fees for each credit/debit card purchase. You may use your own equipment if you would rather, but we do offer ours for all vendors. If a patron visits your booth and would like to use a credit card, you can direct him or her to the market tent. There, we will swipe the card for the patron’s specified amount and give the patron green $5 wooden tokens in exchange. These tokens spend like cash and you will need to give any change due back to the patron. All tokens must be collected and all transactions recorded and returned at the end of each market day for reimbursement. Market master will issue payment for all tokens one week following the market at which they were collected.

Please note that tokens may not be used for vendor payments. However, if a vendor is behind in payment for three or more market days, token reimbursement will be retained as payment for those participation dates. Further, all tokens accepted by vendors should be turned in at the end of the market, not used to make purchases from other vendors.

12. SNAP, WIC Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program (FMNP), and Senior Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program (SFMNP)
In addition to accepting credit/debit cards, the market also accepts Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits. The system works similarly to credit/debit transactions. Patrons will have their cards swiped and will be issued red $1 tokens in an amount they specify. Again, tokens need to be collected and transactions recorded and turned in at the end of the day for reimbursement. Market master will issue payment for all tokens one week following the market at which they were collected.

*You may not give change for SNAP purchases.
* These IMPORTANT: SNAP tokens may not be used on all items! They are good for specific food items only. Vendors may accept SNAP tokens for ONLY produce, meat, dairy, multi-serving baked items, honey, maple syrup, granola, etc. SNAP may NOT be used on any foods prepared for consumption at the market, this includes all hot foods, sandwiches, and single serving baked items.

Failure to follow these guidelines can lead to us losing our USDA permit to accept SNAP! Vendors who disregard these rules will not be allowed to participate. Please be mindful when accepting tokens.

All farmers are encouraged to apply to accept WIC and SFMNP vouchers as well. Information regarding becoming a WIC producer will be available at the Vendor Meeting on April 21, at 5:30pm (115 W. Sycamore Street).

13. Printed Materials
Vendors are allowed to display in their booths materials that pertain to their products only. Other than the vendor materials, no petitions, or other printed material, political, religious, or otherwise will be distributed or displayed at the market, without approval by the market board of directors.

14. Amplified music and noise
Amplified music, or paging systems, cannot be used by vendors unless approved as designated music for that day. No generators are allowed, unless approved by the market board of directors and are noise rated 75 decibels or quieter.

15. Signage and tablecloths
Each booth space must prominently display a sign clearly identifying the farm or business by name and location. Signs must be in place by the opening of the market. All product descriptions must be accurate. All tables need to be covered in some sort of tablecloth.

16. Weights, measures, and labeling
All weighing or measuring instruments or devices used for commercial purposes must be certified. This ensures that buyers receive sufficient and accurate information with which to compare quantity and price. Pre-packaged products must be labeled with the quantity and/or amount. Vendors in violation of this policy will be expelled from the market with no return rights. Improper labeling of re-sold product will be considered a violation.

17. Liability
Vendors are REQUIRED to obtain general liability insurance and have copies of insurance on file with the market. The markets are not responsible for any loss or damage incurred or caused by vendors. 18. Taxes and licensing All vendors are responsible for paying any taxes and obtaining appropriate licenses needed to do business in the state of Indiana. Please have all necessary paperwork turned in 10 days before your first scheduled market.

19. Inspections
The market master and/or manager may make, or cause to be made, any inspection of facility or product which may be necessary and may prohibit the sale of any product which does not conform to legal and stated market standards or meet market requirements. No products imported from outside the USA will be allowed. Market master may also periodically inspect coolers and check temperatures to ensure compliance with regulations.

20. Expected Behavior
*All vendors are expected to conduct themselves, employees, family, friends, children, and pets in an appropriate manner while at the market. *Pets must be on a leash at all times behind tables or tents out of the patrons’ path. All pets must be quiet and show no signs of aggression. At the first sign of aggression or after continuous loud behavior owners will be asked to remove the pet immediately.
*Vendors are expected to keep an eye on their children at all times and not let them run freely without adult supervision.
*Alcoholic beverages, drugs, and smoking are prohibited on the market premises. Alcohol is allowed as a product if proper licenses are obtained. *Any attempts to disrupt the spirit of the market by copying products, radically cutting prices or adopting any unfair practices to the detriment of other vendors will not be tolerated. Violators will be asked to leave the market immediately upon notification by a member of the market board of directors. Admission back to the market may be granted after a review with the market board of directors.

21. Expectations of Vendors as a TEAM
*Vendors will all be asked and organized to volunteer with set up and clean up one market day during the season and to assist with extra activities offered in the season. All vendors are required to volunteer one day. Please choose three dates you plan to be at the market and would be willing to volunteer 45 minutes before and after regular market hours. We will pick the date that works best and notify you well in advance when your volunteer day is.
*We are all in this market together. We want each vendor to benefit from their participation in the market and at the same time, we want our market to grow and thrive. The only way for this to happen is if we are all mindful and respectful of one another as makers and growers of unique products. We foster and appreciate diversity in our market and we will not allow any vendor to bring products that have not been preapproved or that are “knock offs” of another vendor’s work. We understand some people will bring similar products (both food and crafted items); however, we will not allow any vendor to cut in on others’ sales by beginning to sell products just like someone else’s.

22. Special Events and Important Dates
Each year, the KDFM offers special opportunities and events to vendors and market shoppers. All vendors in good standing are invited to participate in the events. You may be contacted for contributions for the Farm-to-Fork events. Because these are fundraisers for the market, we do ask that all vendors either donate or provide at least a 20% discount for items purchased for these events.

2022 KDFM Calendar
Prospective Vendor Meeting March 3
Application due date March 31
Vendors informed of status April 9
Preseason All Vendor Meeting April 21
Opening Day May 7
Strawberry Festival Friday June 3
Market BBQ TBD
Farm-to-Fork PICNIC TBD
Tomato Tasting July 30
Market Breakfast TBD
Apple Tasting September 3
Soup Tasting September 24
Closing Day October 1

25. Agreement
By accepting a vendor space at the Kokomo Downtown Farmers’ Market or Makers’ Art Market, each vendor agrees to abide by these regulations and to be loyal to the market. Any activity deemed by the board or market master to be injurious to the welfare of the market, its customers or other vendors will result in a board review and possible expulsion. The market master and board of directors reserve the right to cancel the privileges of any vendor who, in the opinion of the board, has willfully violated the rules and regulations governing the markets. The market master and board of directors will enforce the above rules to protect customers, vendors, and the market.