Welcome to the Kokomo Downtown Farmers’ Market!

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Supporting small businesses isn’t cool just one day a year! It’s meaningful (and pretty awesome) every single day. Downtown Kokomo is flush with amazing, little shops for your holiday shopping and plenty of options to fill your belly too. This Saturday, make a day of downtown starting with the KDFM (vendor list below) and Bind Cafe in the morning. Check out American Dream Hi Fi, Jitterbug & Co., PF Hendricks & Company, Lux Boutique, Kokomo Toys & Collectibles, Comics Cubed in Kokomo, and Sound of Music Store and grab a bite at one of the many local restaurants downtown, like Bind, The Wildcat, 3 Amigos, Oscar’s Pizza, Gabettas, Gingerbread House Bakery, Cook McDoogal’s or Wings Etc. Kokomo. Seriously. So much good.

Blackhawk Winery & Vineyard
The Spring Angel collection
Heaven’s Rim
A & M Farms
Lucky Lemon Bakery
Sheri’s Edible Art
Freebird Farm & Homestead
Sylvie’s Oil
Dragonwood – Sweet and Savory Enchantments
Creative Farming
Sage Creek Soaps
Dairy Dream
Cunningham Bakery
Royal Company
Honey Bee Flowers
Thistle Rock Farm
Donald Wilka, artist
Copper Creek Farm
The Fair Bakery

We’ll see you Saturday at Bind Café, located at 108 N. Main Street. Our vendors accept cash, debit, credit, and we double the first $10 on SNAP transactions.


Thanksgiving Meal Planning

The holidays should be a time to slow down and reflect on all that we have to be thankful for, but often enough they become full of anxiety and stress. This year, I’ve promised myself to make the holidays simpler, to alleviate stress, and to focus on making time to enjoy the friends, family, and memory making even more.

My plan starts with Thanksgiving dinner. Both the cost and time required for preparing Thanksgiving dinner for an entire family seems pretty prohibitive and daunting so I’ve come up with a few ways to make this year’s holiday feast more affordable, even tastier, and more memorable. Some things are obvious: use coupons, comparison shop and definitely try to plan ahead as doing so allows to set the menu and begin looking for pantry ingredients when they are on sale.

Another fun way to alleviate cost and prep anxiety is to consider a potluck. You can assign guests different parts of the meal, have them bring a family favorite, or do something a little different and pick a theme for your dinner and let your friends and family choose what to bring. Our family has had interesting Mexican, Chinese, and Italian holiday dinners. Speaking of my family, I remember growing up that on holidays we would go to my grandmas’ houses my mom and my aunts would pitch in to make dinner together. I would spend the morning playing with my cousins and uncle, listening to the lively conversation and laughter coming from the kitchen. Cooking dinner with your guests is a great way to share in bringing a meal to the table and creating memories.

Those day-in-the-making, from-scratch dinners were the best! And believe it or not, cooking from scratch is actually cheaper. Many of the items you need are already in your pantry and others can be purchased fresh at the Kokomo Downtown Farmers’ Market to add even more flavor to your dinner. Instead of using complex recipes with lots of ingredients and tons of steps, look for recipes that add flavor and sophistication with herbs and fresh ingredients. Choosing fresh ingredients, along with some strategic planning can be really helpful.

Thanksgiving dinner is known for its many side dishes, but they can be expensive and really, the star of the show in my book is the turkey. Plan to eliminate a couple pricy side dishes, simplify preparation and still make sure your guests get plenty to eat by serving a squash soup before the main meal. Squash is plentiful right now and inexpensive, and the many delicious recipes available online are filling and flavorful. Planning to finish your meal with a decedent dessert is another easy and budget-friendly way to make sure your guests are satisfied at meal’s end. Freshen up the traditional pumpkin pie by roasting your own, or simply use canned and add a rich pecan layer. Stir together ¾ cup corn syrup, ½ cup packed light brown sugar, 3 lighten beaten eggs, 3 tablespoons butter, 2 teaspoons vanilla, a couple pinches lemon zest, a good squeeze of lemon juice, and dash of salt with a cup or so of pecans. Spread this over the pumpkin layer before baking.

To prepare your turkey, keep ingredients to a minimum and maximize flavor by stuffing your peppered and salted bird with 2 navel oranges and a small red onion cut into wedges and 5 bay leaves. After 30 minutes, brush your bird with 4 tablespoons melted butter. While turkey is roasting, toss remaining 2 more wedged red onions with 2 tablespoons melted butter and then scatter these around the turkey. Baste every 30 minutes for the rest of the cook time. Yum. Full recipe is available here.

The best complement your delicious turkey is just a few sides made with fresh, colorful ingredients. A warm kale salad with apples and cranberries is simple, packed with flavor, inexpensive, and a different way to make sure you include Thanksgiving’s indispensable ingredient: cranberries. Replace your traditional stuffing with a savory bread pudding made with hearty fresh baked bread, and top the meal off with copper carrots made with bright purple and orange carrots cooked in a lightly sweet blend of orange juice and brown sugar. Your meal will be as beautiful as it is tasty.

Whatever you plan this holiday season, make sure you give yourself time and space to enjoy the moments and give thanks for your blessings. See our Thanksgiving sample menu along with recipes at kokomofarmersmarket.com. Make sure you stop by Community Wellness table at the market this Saturday for other great recipes and fresh ideas for your family’s holidays. We accept debit, credit, and we double the first $10 of SNAP transactions. We’ll see you at Bind Café, located at 108 N. Main Street in downtown Kokomo from 9am-1pm, every Saturday through December 17.

We are incredibly excited to be partnering with Bind Café for this year’s Winter Market. Not only is the space beautiful and hospitable, it has heat, bathrooms and coffee all on the spot! Huge thanks to the lovely DeAndra Beard for inviting us into her space this year.

The best in fresh, local goodness is coming your way at Bind Cafe every Saturday from 9am-1pm through December 17! Here’s this week’s Winter Market line up:

The finest in fresh, local food!  

The Kokomo Downtown Farmers' Market is your source for the best in fresh, local food in Howard County and North Central Indiana.

The Kokomo Downtown Farmers’ Market is your source for the best in fresh, local food in Howard County and North Central Indiana.

The Kokomo Downtown Farmers’ Market offers the finest in local food and a feast for the senses! Smell fresh baked breads and cookies, see the vibrant colors of harvest, taste the difference fresh produce makes, hear the sounds of local musicians, and feel the craftsmanship our makers put into their work.

At our producers’ market, you can talk to the farmers and bakers who grew, raised or made your food and ask questions about your purchases straight from the source! Our vendors are proud of what they do and love to talk about their work and share recipes, organic gardening tips, and information on the benefits of eating fresh, local, free range foods. Feel free to ask your favorite vendor questions like…

  • Do you grow organically?
  • What kind of fertilizer do you use?
  • What is your favorite recipe for this vegetable?
  • Are your products vegan or gluten free?

The same goes with our amazing makers! They sell only what they have made themselves and you can often find them practicing and demonstrating their art at the market. Interested in learning about woodworking, throwing pottery or making soap? Ask one of our makers! They’ll be happy to share a little bit about their craft with you.

Every Saturday is different and new with a dynamic line up of vendors, incredible entertainment, and valuable educational workshops and activities for kids and adults. Check our calendar of events often for more details about each week’s activities. The market is open rain or shine. We will accept credit cards, but if you prefer cash, please remember ones. Don’t forget your reusable bags to carry purchases. The Market will be accepting SNAP as well as WIC and SFMNP vouchers this season.

The Kokomo Downtown Farmers’ Market is sponsored by St. Vincent Hospital, Howard County Government, Ivy Tech Community College, Community Howard Regional Health, First Farmers Bank and Trust, and the City of Kokomo and is in partnership with the Kokomo Downtown Association and the Greater Kokomo Economic Development Alliance.